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    You Go Hugo!



    This here is a ditty ‘bout a guy named Hugo Seems Mister Pat Robertson says, “Hey! You got to go!”
    They call him dictatorial, a ham-fisted demagogue A heavy-handed strongman who speaks like a thug

    Now, this is from all those reliable news sources
    So I checked out Chavez to see what all the fuss was about
    I looked into Z Mag, and my CCPA manual
    I listened to Vancouver Co-op and Nanaimo’s CHLY on my radio
    I read the words from Parenti, Howard Zinn and the Noam Chomper as well and
    I read Hugo’s words from Puerto Alegre to hear what he had to tell

    What I read and heard about the Venezuelan people inspired me and brought tears to my eyes
    I want to share a bit of what I learned to counter the media’s lies
    And then you tell me if you think Pat Robertson was right when he said, “We should take out this guy.”

    #1 a program has been set up for marine conservation
    to protect land and fishing rights of the indigenous population

    #2 attempts to privatize the oil industry have been halted
    and limits placed on foreign capital penetration
    The Bolivarian revolution going to take the oil money
    And put it back into the hands of the Venezuelans

    #3 There are unprecedented victories Venezuelan women have won
    Their constitution now recognizes the work of housewives
    This brings all social security benefits including a pension

    #4 Before Chavez most of the poor had never seen a doctor or a dentist
    Their children never went to school because the fees were too expensive
    Now medical and dental clinics are being set up in the barrios
    Health care is free and available to all
    And education has no cost right through to the university level
    How odd Robertson would have us thinking Chavez is the devil

    There are many more changes than these; Land reform, neighbourhood cooperatives, literacy programs, idle corporate estates being occupied for farming purposes
    There is one more tidbit. I thought rather hip
    Chavez said, “no” to overflights by the U.S. military
    ‘Cause America has been watching Columbia engaging in counterinsurgency
    OOOHHHHH don’t ya just love that Hugo flippin’ the bird to the U.S. of A
    Kicking them out on their sorry spy asses I just gotta say

    PART C Hugo ya got jam You’re my kinda man You go Hugo ya got jam You’re my knda man

    Sometimes I am driving home and I turn on the CBC
    and there is Obama’s voice a model of pure hypocrisy
    He is on about the change he’s bringing and the liberation that America brings
    And I get a chill down my spine ‘cause the experience is totally Orwelian

    I think we gotta pay attention listen closely to what the media will say
    ‘Cause there’s only 5 guys who control all the news that we read & that we see each and everyday

    Change is never made because of just one there are millions of Venezuelans behind this revolution Maybe I’m looking for a hero in this fucked up age and day
    Hugo you get my vote- I just gotta say

    PART C © Tongue and Groove

    You Go Hugo!
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    Sexual Terrorism

    Sexual Terrorism
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    Pull Out



    I have a question for you please help me if you can (X2)
    Why is Canada invading Afghanistan?

    I must have missed the vote the referendum passed me by (X2)
    ‘Cause it’s been- what? how many months? & I’m still asking why

    They say it’s about terrorists, or 9-11, or the Taliban (X2)
    Or no I remember! It’s about bringing democracy to their land!

    Strange how we hear so little about how oil fits into this plan (X2)
    We’re a protection force for the American pipeline in Afghanistan

    So Stephen, I think you got some splainin’ to do (X2)
    I know someone who’s got some good advice for you….
    Laureen Teskey says, (SHOUT SECTION) Mahatma Ghandi

    You’ve heard about winning hearts and minds in Afghanistan but it’s sheer fantasy
    ‘Cause the last 6 months alone there has been over 1,000 civilian casualties

    Plus we’ve got secret prisons and people held without reason (X2)
    We’ve got implanted reporters, new laws allowing torture this season

    There is a trick used by our government to cover up their criminal conduct (X2)
    They just throw a blanket called ‘security measures’ over everything & we’re fucked!

    Like the frog in hot water that doesn’t know it’s being boiled alive (X2)
    Our rights and freedoms are slowly but surely receding before our very eyes
    Please Laureen Teskey say, “SHOUT SECTION”

    It really would be wise
    It’s what Malalay Joya advised

    If we take a step back there is a bigger picture we can see (X2)
    Our whole world is suffering from a crisis in masculinity

    Our leaders are grown men making threats, flexing egos & muscles near & far (X2)
    And our young boys are killing each other on the streets and in bars

    They’re all jacked up on adrenalin and pumped on being tough (X2)
    But the stakes are too high and we’ve all had enough Chorus

    Please Laureen Teskey say “SHOUT CHORUS” Emma Goldman

    © Tongue and Groove

    Pull Out
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    Halidol Shuffle


    Halidol Shuffle
    I’m so glad big daddy government is looking out for me
    They’ve banned a number of plants for use for my health and safety
    But I can’t help thinking- wondering if it could be A government-pharmaceutical conspiracy

    The list is long and wondrous includes Pokeroot, Lobelia and Sassafras
    Coltsfoot, Ma Huang & Mistletoe
    Senna, Chaparral & Ginkgo Lilly of the Valley and Gota Kola too
    Oh no! I see that Comfrey’s on it. What am I gonna do?

    I’ve got Comfrey in my garden Health Canada says don’t trust it
    Should I start an indoor herbal grow-op just so I don’t get busted
    Yeah, I’ve got comfrey in my garden yet, it doesn’t seem so nefarious
    If I weren’t so pissed off I might even find it hilarious

    Five years ago I tried an herb Kava Kava is its name
    It helped me sleep, relaxed my nerves and calmed my anxious pain
    But when I went lookin’for it at my local herbal store
    The woman said, “I’m sorry dear I can’t sell it anymore “

    Now if my memory serves me I was given a drug some years before
    When I was a guest at an institute one with padded walls and a locked door
    It was called Halidol, Haloperidol for those in the know
    The doctor said, “Here take this pill and your anxiety will go”
    My joints stiffened and my jaw clenched I broke out all over in a terrible sweat
    I couldn’t sit still & my energy was rampant I entered into a complete state of panic
    My neck did spasm and my head began to twist I reminded myself of that girl in the Exorcist
    My body was twitching and my mind was racing too in my fragile state of being my paranoia grew
    Well finally it was a patient not the helpful doctor Who looked at me and said, “Hey! What you doin’ that for?”
    He asked what they had put me on I answered with a muffle
    He said, “It must be the blue pills cause you’ve got the Halidol Shuffle.”
    The Halidol Shuffle it goes like this first pop a prescribed anti-psychotic
    Then wait a little bit while your body starts to twist I don’t mean like Chubby and its not like Elvis
    The Halidol Shuffle twists much more than your pelvis!

    So he took me to the nurses station and banged upon the glass
    “She needs the red ones to counteract the blue ones. Better give ‘em to her fast!”
    Eventually the red ones did their special trick and so Instead of thoughts on rapid-fire overflow
    My brain turned to putty, I became sedate & In a week or two they let me go

    Now, I’m really so much better After all the quality health care I’ve received
    And I thank the Health Protection Branch for looking out for my needs
    But I wonder if my experience is so very unique
    I think of those with depression and anxiety what cures do they seek?

    I hope they are stalking up on St Johns Wort, Valerian & Melatonin to name a few
    I mean Tea Tree, Horsetail and Goldenseal are considered drugs now too
    SAM E helps depression but its off the shelves at this time
    I suppose they want us on Effexor, Prozac, Pazil & Janimine

    In closing I’d like to pass on some advice I got from a herbalist
    If you’re looking for effective treatment check out the plants on the restricted list
    I’d do anything illegal I think its worth the kafuffle I’d grow, sell & smuggle any herb
    Just to avoid the Halidol Shuffle © Tongue and Groove

    Halidol Shuffle
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    Blood on Toilet Paper


    Blood On Toilet Paper

    I’ve got blood on toilet paper in my panties
    ‘cause I ain’t got money for any of those fancy…
    feminine protection…. those feminine protection.
    Protection from what? Protection for whom?
    The blood that keeps flowing? Or the rage that keeps growing.
    Yeah, protection from what? Scented, unscented, mini, maxi, misogyny
    Body parts like auto parts are sold separately, and the battery’s not included.
    I said the battery’s not included.
    Body hatred, you see it in the press,
    if I lose 20 pounds Cover Girl will do the rest, will do the rest.
    Liposuction, breast augmentation, anorexia, and genital mutilation…genital mutilation
    and they say and they say, “Oh! But that’s cultural. And they say, “Oh, but that’s cultural” Oh yeah?
    Better call it what it is- global manifestation of our manipulation
    We’re taken apart and we’re put back together.
    Yeah, we’re taken apart and we’re sewn back together.
    For who’s pleasure? I wanna know! For who’s pleasure?

    So, I got blood on toilet paper in my panties
    ‘cause I ain’t got money for any of those fancy…feminine protection…those feminine protection.
    How ‘bout those tampons we use to plug ourselves up self-censoring devices some corporation shouts,
    Yeah, we’re shut up and down and this way and that. Lulled by the media and hypnotized by the hysteria
    I said we’re hypnotized by the his-steria.
    So, I’m lookin’ in my mirror trying to change what I see
    gonna pluck, gone pierce, gonna cover. Taught to become and not to be.
    I’ve been taught to become and not to be.
    And so I shave my head and we tattoo and pierce our parts.
    Gonna redefine the beauty myth and turn it into- ART!
    But when I stop and think about it, is it really any different?
    Is this really what we meant? Is this really what we meant?
    Aren’t our bodies still the focus of outside attention………how about that reaction?

    Poor little white man got his knickers in a twitch. Sees his system crumbling ‘round his skinny little dick
    He’s crying reverse sexism, reverse racism, he’s wailing to us all about his woes
    Seems he’s got his tie on a little too tight, can’t see past the end of his own nose.
    Don’t talk unless you can listen. We’re too busy to hear you complain.
    Step outside your own situation boy, and then shut up and listen again.

    And those love scenes in the movies really cause some confusion ‘cause his face is in ecstasy all the while-
    he’s moving…all the while- he’s moving.
    And Freud, he really handed it down to the crowd when he announced that clitoral orgasm…
    is only for the immature woman…it’s only for the immature women. HA!
    Well Mr. Freud and all your penis-pack brothers seems lately your theories are being uncovered
    and the news is travelling fast from one sister to another that our bodies are not made in the image-
    of your father. NO! NOT IN THE IMAGE OF YOUR FATHER!!!

    So we got, we got, we got
    blood on toilet paper in our panties ‘cause we ain’t got money for any of those fancy..
    feminine protection…. those feminine protection.
    Our blood is red and it’s iron-scented.
    The wet look is in. The wet look is it.
    So, you’d better get used to it. We said you’d better get used to it!
    © Tongue and Groove

    Blood on Toilet Paper
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    Mr. Bank of Canada


    Mr Bank of Canada
    It’s the Shock doc-trine Casino Capitalism going bust
    Fiscal stimulus no trickle down Disaster Capitalism’s greed and lust
    After the Tsunami in Sri Lanka, Thailand, the Maldives, Indonesia and Tamil Nadu
    Locals weren’t allowed to return but tourist hot spots were built anew
    Katrina in New Orleans not much different that the war in Iraq
    ‘Cause we’re more easily controlled when we’re afraid
    that’s the Shock Doctrine attack
    And when we really start to roll and rock with all the system meltdown talk
    We gotta be prepared having built our resilience for when the next Shock hits

    Standing in the bank I am aware
    Fluorescent lights, cold tile floor bare
    Check out the shoes of the people in line
    to see if theirs are as shoddy as mine
    I smell the garlic on my breath- tobacco emanating from my skin
    People seem to want to move away from me or from where I’ve been
    There’s something about bank tellers that encapsulates oppression
    A line of painted women face me- their hair looks sprayed, lips arranged, neck muscles taut, smiles glued together and feigned
    The front line of big business the faces that we see
    The ones who hear the complaints with no power to alter policy
    Money passes through them like water through a sieve
    20 40 60 80 ONE! Counting other people’s money just to live
    From an office behind a short pudgy man in a suit is shaking hands
    Smiling self-assuredly like he’s got a more important place to be
    He looks like a squat rooster or a pimp with his belly bulging over his belt
    Who knows at the snap of his fingers the services he requires will be dealt
    The Bank of Canada, Montreal, Nova Scotia- Hell! Probably them all
    Reported their biggest quarterly profits ever in their his-to-ries
    And they say its good for me – as a Canadian-
    which I don’t feel myself to be
    They say I share the wealth with them
    Mr. Bank of Canada and other assorted men
    Who are up there in their offices safe and secure in the knowledge
    they are unseen and untouchable
    The real mechanics of wealth and power for the corporation
    While the tellers are sacrificed offered to the public
    For all our expressions of frustration and alienation

    Mr. Bank of Canada
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    Speak Resistance


    By trace Sept. 19/03

    O Canada our home ON Native land
    True hypocrisy
    In all the politicians commands
    With glowing hearts
    We see the rise
    The profit motive set free
    From far and wide O Canada
    I’m so ashamed of thee
    How can we make this land glorious and free?
    O Canada
    I’ll burn your flag for thee
    O Canada
    You are not a democracy

    In my neighbourhood- outside my windows
    Among the trees that still stand Wave maple leaf flags
    That shout out across the land, “I’m a proud Canadian”
    A proud Canadian, eh? What exactly did you just say?
    What are you proud of?
    I’d love to ask the folks in my neighbourhood & have a conversation
    ‘Cause I wonder if they’ve considered the facts about this great nation

    Canada is a proud member of the G-8
    A secretive elite of men who make policies on the world’s fate
    And Canada supports the MAI, GATT, the WTO- oh-oh, GMO’s
    Canada has big business interests in weapons programs in outer space
    Wanting to militarize our skies- the star wars arms race
    And this nation and others like us
    Over time have robbed so-called 3rd world states of people and resources
    Yet they are indebted to the west? Structural adjustments they must make
    Privatizing their water- seems we only know how to take and take and take
    Speak Resistance into the Deafening Silence
    O.K., so what about locally? This province’s approach to health care
    And what they call Education Reform
    Closing schools, firing teachers making 35 kids per room the norm
    For those on social assistance- worse yet with a disability
    Last March there was no cheque for many
    & Women’s Centres in this province were also victims of the cuts
    I suppose the statistics on rape and violence against women isn’t enough
    To convince Big Daddy Government of the war on women
    That’s rampant in this land
    I guess profits and not justice is where this nation stands
    Speak resistance into the Deafening Silence
    I mean, from where exactly do you draw this Canadian pride?
    Is it from the history texts still written from the winning side?
    That never mentions the repeated attempts at genocide
    Of the first people here that welcomed my ancestors to this place
    Oh I wonder how many of my neighbours
    Are truly proud of this Canadian history with its white face
    A proud Canadian yep, you sure do wave that red and white for all to see
    But it stirs feelings of fear and revulsion in me

    From flags to anthems to borders and armies
    Cutting up the earth and conquering territory (X4)

    I want none of it- Take your flag and shove it!
    I’ll feel no allegiance to a construct such as nationalism
    I won’t hate a whole group of people because of your fanaticism
    You can’t scare me into feeling patriotic
    I firmly believe it’s fucking idiotic
    ‘Cause Nicaragua, Guatemala, Vietnam and more
    Palestine, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, east Timor
    Our patriots are rampaging like profits they know no end
    And we still listen to the so-called news on CBC and CNN
    The newsmakers- manufacturers of our consent
    They lie, distort, manipulate- the truth gets bent
    There are mechanisms at work
    Invisible to the eye but I can feel them
    There’s business minds a-plotting looking at land, air and water
    Trying to figure out how to steal them

    This push for domination This glory of war
    This love of privatization Profit motive at the core
    This cult of personality This media plugged-in existence
    This greed and numbing of humanity We gotta give it our resistance

    So use I’ll sharpen my discernment-
    I gotta learn to listen to what is left out and what’s underneath
    I’ll use my intuition-
    I won’t doubt, I’ll trust and believe
    I’ll communicate and reach out
    ‘Cause I need to feel connected- part of a whole
    And I’ll challenge authority
    ‘Cause it’s good for the soul!
    So take sides, take sides, take sides
    Neutrality has never helped the oppressed
    And speak, speak, speak your resistance
    Into the deafening silence

    Speak Resistance
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    The Silence

    The Silence
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    I Wanna Know

    I Wanna Know
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    Peace Rally Piece

    Peace Rally Piece
  11. 11

    I Wish I Could Sing

    I Wish I Could Sing
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    Ode to a Gulf Island

    Ode to a Gulf Island
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    We're Not Done Yet

    We're Not Done Yet